Leighton Meester Is A Singer Now

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God knows why, but Leighton Meester premiered her first single, “Somebody To Love“, on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM show this morning.

“I really wanted to make something completely different than anything that’s on the radio right now,” Leighton told Ryan. “I feel like it’s really dancey and fun, but still laid-back, relaxed and moody and sexy.”

If she really wanted to do something different, she should have reached out to the many hard-working Latino people living among her in Los Angeles by making a Spanish album. She could have called it “Hey, Meester!” and featured dance songs about hot sauce and little girls in dresses and soccer shoes. I hate to call her a racist, but I think someone has some thinking to do.

Blake Lively, because well, it’s Blake Lively: