Oh Boo Hoo

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I guess playing an effeminate vampire who wears body glitter makes you sound gay, because Robert Pattinson really sounds like he should be wearing bangles and a mesh tank top when he talked to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Girls scream out for Edward, not Robert,” the Twilight star tells the Sydney Morning Herald. “I still can’t get a date.” Not that the 23-year-old actor is starved for attention. Far from it. “Like yesterday, I was having lunch down the road,” he tells the paper. “We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there was like 400 people outside on the street. It was just so nuts and it’s like that all the time now.”

I’m sorry, but complaining that 400 chicks are waiting outside to blow you doesn’t make you sound like a sensitive, tortured soul, it just makes you sound hot for cock. Maybe you’d feel better if they waited outside with bedazzled manicure kits or that copy of Sweet Valley High you tried to buy on eBay, you big queer.

Robert Pattinson and his “girlfriend” somewhere at that one time doing tha…what? I don’t know, you look it up!: