Size 2 Went To Goodberry’s

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Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the cover of SHAPE magazine this month with the caption, “My #1 Weight Loss Trick: Burn The Scale!”, but it looks like that doesn’t involve burning Goodberry’s. I only say that because she squeezed her lumpy ass into some spandex and got some ice cream. Just like they did 70 years ago…right there, next to the dairy. That’s where they made the ice cream fresh, with real cream, real fruit, real nuts, and real care. It was semi-soft, just the way it came from the churn. And it was just minutes old…not days or weeks. Fresh!

Like two minutes from my apartment there’s a Goodberry’s in Cameron Village right next to the aptly named Cameron Bar & Grill where a hot waitress and I shared a flirting glance then she giggled and whispered something to Hot Waitress #2. I’m not really sure when this site became my Missed Connections, but whatever. Don’t hate.