Lindsay Lohan Is Serious

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In her delusional, coked out mind, Lindsay Lohan truly believes that she’s some kind of fashion designer. And she designs leggings. Leggings. That’s like an architect designing a circle. So, needless to say, whoever is responsible for this banner picture and the below quote needs to be shot and killed.

Sexy Lindsay Lohan poses seductively on a stripper pole in this shot to promote her line of leggings. The Hollywood starlet goes blonde and shows off plenty of leg in a ripped pair of leggings from her 6126 range, named after Marilyn Monroe’s birth date. The label describes itself as “a lifestyle brand of feminine power and grace”.

Right. Because nothing says “feminine power and grace” like looking like you’re giving blowjobs for ride tickets in the state fair parking lot outside a Whitesnake concert. Christ. All that’s missing from this outfit is a jean jacket with tassels and a picture of Richie Sambora as Jesus airbrushed on the back.