Kanye West Might Not Go To Rehab

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Instead of blaming his desperate need for acknowledgement and acceptance brought on by his mommy issues and narcissistic God complex, Kanye West is blaming the makers of Hennessey for making him run and whine on the stage at the MTV VMA’s to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech like a 3-year old who just dropped an ice cream cone. Of course it was. If it wasn’t for Hennessey, Kanye would be a completely rational and sane person who solves problems and diffuses potential conflicts with logic and reason. Screw you, evil Hennessey!! MSNBC reports:

Star magazine and other publications are reporting that West is blaming alcohol for his breach in decorum, and that as soon as West wraps his “Fame Kills” tour with Lady Gaga this January, he’ll head to rehab.West hasn’t blogged about it, there was no comment from his camp, and friends close to West say it’s not true, so maybe this is just the product of a game of telephone gone awry during a slow news week. But if there’s a real reason for West to go to rehab, of course, he should go.

Of course, Kanye isn’t going to rehab. There’s no cameras or microphones there for him to annoy to the shit out of people. The only way you could get this jackass to go is if Ryan Seacrest suddenly became executive producer of a treatment facility.

I have no idea who Krystal Forscutt is, but when I entered “Kanye West” in the Splash pic forums, these pictures came up. Good lookin out, God: