Megan Fox On SNL

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My rape fantasy beloved Megan Fox hosted the season premiere of SNL last night, and most people thought it would be a disaster because she’s not really known for being an intentional comedic actress. But luckily for her, SNL moved away from the comedy format about 15 years ago. Oh please, I could watch “Execution Night Live” and laugh as much I do with this unfunny mess, but at least Megan looked hot. And quite frankly, my penis and I discussed it, and that’s basically all we really care about.

SNL is an hour and a half long. Only two skits, these two, were anything resembling funny. I swear, instead of wasting money on writers and cast members, maybe SNL should put the baby dancing to Beyonce video on a loop for two hours. At least then the laughing you hear wouldn’t be because trained snipers realize when the flashing applause sign isn’t obeyed.