Justin Timberlake Is Cheating On This With Rihanna

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I…I…what the hell? Metro UK reports:

‘Justin and Rihanna have been seeing each other for the past few weeks.’ ‘He is really into her’, the insider alleged. The source claims Timberlake, 28, and the Umbrella star, 21, have been meeting together in New York. It is not the first time the pair have enjoyed time together after JT helped out the Barbadian beauty in a raunchy video shoot during her third album Good Girl, Gone Bad. Timberlake is also lending his skills to the star’s next record, which could be a good reason for the sightings. Only this week he spoke about their time in the studio together telling: ‘The stuff we’ve come up with in the studio, it’s the next step for her. It’s a little more grown-up. It’s got some edge to it.’ But the mole also alleges playful Rihanna recently gave Trousernake a lap dance at the 10ak night spot in NYC. The claims come after Timberlake was accused by Lindsay Lohan of being a ‘cheater’ on Twitter after he was spotted dancing on a bar table with a mystery woman earlier this year. He also put in a lip-lock photo opportunity with Biel, 27, at a basket ball game after he was accused of ‘acting like a single guy’ at a party thrown by ex Kate Hudson.

My bucket of sunshine and glowstick of love Naomi just told me that I had horrible taste in women and she’d gladly take Rihanna over my beloved Jessica, but can’t we just go ahead and call this a downgrade? I guess after being beaten within an inch of your life by your boyfriend may cause you to reexamine the kind of guy you want to bang. Specifically, a prancing gaywad like Justin Tiberlake. Please, don’t tell me he isn’t a little bit gay. He dated Cameron Diaz for four years. You can’t possibly like your penis if you wake up to that every morning. Basically what I’m trying to say is, it’s very possible that Rihanna gave Justin a lap dance, but it’s also very possible that he took her home to play with his Barbie Style Hair Salon Playset. Wash Barbie dolls hair in the real working sink using special foaming shampoo! Add color streaks and create glam hairstyles with all the fun tools! Includes salon chair, foaming shampoo, smock, towel, brush, Barbie doll and more!