Lindsay Lohan Throws Beer Cans

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If Lindsay was one of the X-Men, her mutant power would be the ability to try to crash parties where she’s not invited, so of course she attended the Emmy after-party at the Chateau Marmont. Apparently the Amstel Light wasn’t all that great, because when she stumbled out piss drunk at 3:30am, she tossed a can out of her window at the paparazzi who were surrounding her car. At least I think it was paparrazi. There’s a good chance it could have been Pedro from South of of the Border asking her if she wanted to buy fireworks, because he said, “Lenzy, do you theenk you are a bad influence on your seester?” I can’t say I blame Lindsay. I shot the guy who pumped my gas yesterday. Sorry, buddy. But that didn’t sound like “unleaded” to me.