He Broke Into Lindsay’s House

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The greatest mystery that no one cares about was solved yesterday: Nicholas Prugo, 18, was arrested for breaking into Lindsay’s house. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned the 18-year-old dude arrested for burglarizing Lindsay Lohan’s home is no stranger to trouble — Nicholas Prugo was arrested earlier this year on a cocaine charge. Prugo was busted near L.A. back in February for possession of coke. This is his mug shot from that arrest. Prugo plead guilty and entered an 18-month drug diversion program.

So why would somebody with a lot of coke hang around Lindsay Lohan? Oh, yeah that’s right. TMZ reports:

Several people who worked with her on the movie “Labor Pains” — which was shot last year — tell TMZ they saw Nick Prugo hanging out on the set with Lindsay. One person who worked on the set estimates she saw them together at least 10 times.

Man, an 18-year old coke dealer who visited Lindsay on set a lot? I wonder what they were doing? Playing Yahtzee and taking Facebook quizzes I bet!