Lindsay Lohan FAIL

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If you thought that when Lindsay did this it was because of drugs or dick, congratulations! You were right!

New York Daily News reports:

The uber-skinny starlet made a play for the latest love interest on her radar: “True Blood” star Ryan Kwanten. Lohan RSVP’d to G-Star’s Tuesday fashion show in the hopes of getting close to her crush, even going so far as to have her sister Ali switch seats so that she’d be sandwiched in between Kwanten and ex Jared Leto. Sadly for La Lohan, Kwanten didn’t reciprocate her feelings and requested his original seat at the end of her row.

Christ, not even five years ago I would have banged this chick in front of a daycare, now she can’t even get a dude to sit next to her to watch a bunch of coked out models walk around. I don’t exactly why, but I think it has something to do with being a whore.

Note: To all the ladies and the guys who are, you know, “that way” – you’re welcome for the banner pic.