Eva Longoria Is Concerned

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Mexican actress Eva Longoria, actually I don’t know if she is Mexican but I’m horribly racist so I just assumed she is because it’s really hard to keep track with all the crap below Texas so for the purpose of this post she’s Mexican. Anyway, she attended PADRES CONTRA EL CANCER’S 9th Annual Fund Raising Gala (she’s the national spokesperson) and said she is “shocked” by American’s attitude toward immigration reform. FOXNews reports:

“The immigration issue is interesting because historically everyone has immigrated, this is a country of immigrants,” Longira said. “So it kind of shocks me that people have such a vile reaction to immigrants when they provide a huge amount of services to our country, and particularly in agriculture.” Longoria said she “would really love to see immigration reform obviously transpire, but in a way that is obviously fair to people in the country.” But she said health care is more important right now. “One topic at a time, [Obama] can tackle the health care issue, and I completely support him on what he is doing currently, with his options that he wants to provide, and … how he wants to fund it.”

I’m not sure if “Hey, they’re good at picking oranges” is the best argument for sweeping immigration reform, but whatever. Everybody here came from someplace else (except me, we’ve been scalping since day one), so why shut down the party now? I guess I have a unique perspective because I’m not burdened by white guilt and I’m not pissed because I got a free cruise to the New World, but California and Texas are basically Mexico anyway, so what’s the big deal? Say what you want, but I live in Raleigh and if you go through a drive-thru here, you better have your damn order and money ready because Consuela behind the glass acts like she’s trying to defuse a bomb and time might run out if you don’t get your order in 30 seconds. Basically what I’m saying is, I could really care less either way. I got my own problems. Like trying to get some of that casino money. What, you greedy bastards don’t like trading anymore?

Eva Longoria at the Mexican Awards: