Lindsay Lohan Is Very Important

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Lindsay Lohan couldn’t get a job as third alternate for a dead body on Law & Order: SVU, but apparently she’s a VIP at fashion shows. Or, you know, whatever means the opposite of that.

Page Six

For the G-Star runway show Tuesday night at Hammerstein Ballroom, “She arrived with her sister, Ali, and two other guests,” said our insider. “She had already copped an attitude by refusing to pose for photos, and she had to be dragged into the press line.” Later, “Lindsay decided she wasn’t happy with the seating arrangements. She began taking the seating cards for celebrities like Juliette Lewis and Christian Siriano and moving them or throwing them on the floor,” said our source. When she threw Taylor Momsen’s place card to the floor, event producers approached her. Lohan responded, “Don’t [bleep]ing touch me,” and “rolled her eyes and continued moving the place cards,” said our spy. There’s no stopping a true diva.

Man, these guys need to lighten up because what designer wouldn’t want a chick on the front row who has to trade for the clothes she sees with Sacajawea coins and a cordless drill she stole from Home Depot. The current trend is toward subcompact lithium-ion (Li-ion) drill/drivers for most homeowner tasks, since heavier drills are overkill. Its Li-ion batteries hold their charge well between uses and will run through more recharging cycles than older battery types!!

Lindsay Lohan at the G-Star party: