Lindsay’s Voicemail Password Was 1234

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When you’re a junkie skank and you wake up in a ditch bleeding from your ass with your panties around your neck, you don’t want to go through through the hassle of cracking the DaVinci Code to remember some elaborate 4-digit password to check your voicemail. So of course in the spring of 2008, Lindsay posted her private phone number on her Facebook. This may come a shock, but it was easily hacked and now those voicemails have been posted online. The people leaving voicemails are exactly the kind of people you would expect someone like Lindsay to hang around with. So play the video if you want to hear a bunch of drunk rambling psychos and Michael Lohan being a co-dependent douchebag. Yes, I know that last sentence was kinda redundant, but I get paid by the word.

Lindsay looking completely stable outside Manhattan Hotel last night: