Give It Up

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Although a Geico commercial lasts longer that her relationships and the fact that she insists on whining in every interview she does about the man who left her over four years ago, Jennifer Aniston tells Harper’s Bazaar that she “still believes in love”. Awwww. NYDN reports:

“I’m still a romantic,” she said. And though the “Love Happens” star has yet to land hubby number two since her split with Brad Pitt, she told the mag she’s learned what makes a relationship, well, fail. “I think it’s laziness,” she said to the mag’s October issue. “I think a good relationship is about collaboration. I think you just need to talk to each other. Say what you need. Say what you want. That way it’s not threatening. You just need to say, ‘This is important to me.’ Don’t expect your mate to read your mind.” “I think that’s because it’s just instinctual as a woman to be the caretaker of your home. Women complain that men don’t do enough, but it’s your own fault,” she said. “You train your man to do nothing. You can’t blame someone for not knowing what his or her job should be if you don’t ask for it right off the bat.”

Man, I can’t understand why it’s so hard for this chick to keep a man. Especially since whenever she has a first date her and Cesar Milan use calm assertive energy to tell you that everything you’re doing is wrong and that you better straighten the fuck up because this 40 year old chick in the Angelina Jolie mask is the pack leader so you better do what she says or you won’t be able to spend your nights listening to Tori Amos while she cries to her Brad Pitt doll. Sign me up!!