Oprah Is Next

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Oprah Winfrey recently had a show about domestic violence which she dedicated to “all the Rihannas of the world”. That made Chris Brown angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. MSNBC reports:

In the new issue of People magazine, Chris Brown says he felt like Oprah Winfrey’s show about domestic violence, which was dedicated to “all the Rihannas of the world,” and aired after he assaulted ex-girlfriend Rihanna, was a “slap in the face.” “I commend Oprah on being like, ‘This is a problem,’ but it was a slap in my face,” Brown told People. “I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school. She could’ve been more helpful, like, ‘OK, I’m going to help both of these people out.’” Brown might come to regret speaking out on the issue. “He’s done,” said one well-placed source with direct connections to some of Brown’s endorsement opportunities. “Whatever goodwill he had, he’s totally ruined it by saying that. What was he thinking? And who the hell goes up against Oprah? It just shows he doesn’t think. No one is going to want him as the face of their brand.”

“A slap in the face”? Hey Chris, did you mean that in the figurative sense or did you mean the kind of slaps Rihanna got that were detailed in the police report? You can see how we might be a little confused. But you might want to be careful though. You just talked shit about Oprah. She might not let you back on her show or she might send robot ninja assassins to your house. You won’t know they’re robot ninja assassins of course. The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human… sweat, bad breath, everything.