Kate Hudson Is Clingy

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Kate Hudson and the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez have been dating for five months, and when she’s not at the games or traveling with the team, she’s in Alex Rodriguez’s apartment cutting up pictures of his ex-girlfriends and sleeping with his underwear. MSNBC reports:

“Kate’s always at his New York apartment, even on the days when he’s on the road. She’s made herself quite comfortable in his life. She’s met his oldest daughter and her son likes Alex,” according to a friend of Hudson’s who spoke to In Touch. The friend then stated the obvious when she said, “Kate has become very serious about him.”

Alex Rodriguez makes $26M a year as the highest paid player in Major League Baseball, but the last three chicks he’s been with (his wife, Madonna, and Kate Hudson) all look like convict’s pen pals. This dude should be papier macheing models with $100 dollar bills and semen, not leaving some flat chick in his house picking out their kid’s names and making scrapbooks for every time she cums. I’m late on my rent right now, but my last three girlfriends were a billion times hotter than these hags. The prosecutor in my case doesn’t use the word “girlfriends”, but what does he know of love?