Lucy Pinder Strips For Soccer, Anything

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Let’s face it, soccer is the most popular sport in the world because when the rest of the world were thinking about a sport to play, they looked around and saw some burning tires and a half-inflated ball while they were washing their clothes in the river and decided to kick the ball around. Then one guy said, “Hey, you try to kick the ball here and I’ll try to get the ball there and we’ll get two other dudes to stand where I just pointed to try to block it, because holy crap this is shit boring.” My point being, America kicks ass. We can afford actual equipment. We invented baseball, basketball, and real football. We don’t have the time to waste four hours watching a bunch of foppish dandies have a 0-0 tie. I have no idea what the point of this rambling nonsense is about at this point, but look! Lucy Pinder! Soccer! Tits!

You can check out the pics of the shoot HERE if you want. Or not. I can’t live your life.