Avril Lavigne Is Getting Divorced

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Avril Lavigne and her husband of three years, the monkey looking guy from Sum 41, are getting a divorce. Mostly because she’s a skank. New York Daily News reports:

That seemed apparent when the Canadian songstress was out and about in Southampton last weekend – sans hubby and looking anything but married. “She wanted to get away from Deryck and have a weekend to herself,” says a source close to the “Sk8er Boi” singer. A spy at celebrity eatery Georgica indeed saw Lavigne getting away – but hardly spending any time alone. Instead, says the onlooker, she was partying hard and hanging with a number of male admirers. Only later in the evening did Lavigne get paranoid about what the nearby paparazzi may have captured on film. “She kept running up to the photographers and asking to see the pictures they took,” says one partygoer. (We’ve noticed that those photos have mysteriously disappeared from at least one site on which they were posted.)

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Avril Lavigne because she was on the cover when I was quoted in Maxim, but not enough to marry her. Mostly because she’s a drunk whore (here) who says dumb shit (here and here) and she’s only famous because 15-year old girls believed that a 110 pound white chick from Canada screaming about skateboards and the skating rink was punk rock. In my recent experience, the only reason 110 pound white chicks should be screaming is when I run out of lube.