Lindsay Has To Go

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Since Lindsay Lohan is physically incapable of living one day without some insane, needless drama, her neighbors in her Hollywood Hills neighborhood all want her out because of two burglaries at her home in the last three months. Radar Online reports:

“The truth is that this is a very quiet neighborhood and there have been no break-ins apart from at Lindsay Lohan’s house,” a neighbor told “Since she moved in last November it has been a nightmare with all the paparazzi parking in our driveways waiting for her.” The star was targeted for a second time at her rented home after thieves made off with a safe, bags, jewelry and shoes belonging to the actress. The first robbery was reported in May and the latest one occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning. Detectives at the Hollywood police station are currently reviewing video footage which reportedly caught three men leaving the house. “It’s obviously an inside job and I first noticed that the door at the side of the property was missing a few days ago.” “This is a really narrow and winding street and I’m amazed there has not been a more serious accident,” the neighbor added. “I’ve got nothing personal against her but she needs to find a home in a gated community with security at the main gate because all the residents are fed-up with the situation.”

Seriously, can’t we just launch this bitch into space? It has to be better than her living near actual people. And she doesn’t even want to live in a house either. Especially since the garden department at Home Depot told her there wasn’t even such a thing as a condom tree. Can you even believe it?!

Lindsay. No bra.