Emma Roberts Is A Freak

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If you’ve ever starred on a Disney or Nickelodeon show, it’s only a matter of time before you become a sexual deviant. So, um, hey there Emma Roberts. What’s up? Page Six reports:

IT sounds like Emma Roberts is really into her boyfriend, Dathan Kuppin. The Nickelodeon actress and niece of Julia Roberts went to the hit Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” last weekend, where a spy reports, she brought Kuppin backstage during intermission. His neck was covered with hickeys, and he wore a tank top to show them off.” The source said Roberts was snubbing the cast and “didn’t talk to anyone, even though she came back to take pictures with them.” The couple left before the second act.

Covered in hickeys? Whatever, dude. All State has me covered in case of fire, accident, flood, or theft! I’m the big winner!

Emma Roberts on the set of Valentine’s Day: