Megan Fox Is A Homewrecker

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I always thought Zac Efron was gay. Then he met Megan Fox. I can see how that could change his mind. Showbiz Spy reports:

Hudgens, 20, was recently reported to have barred Efron from speaking with Fox after the pair had a dinner date in July. “Vanessa feels humiliated by what she perceives to be Zac cheating on her,” a source told the National Enquirer. “It stings so much more because Megan is one of the hottest women on the planet. “Vanessa demanded Zac cut all ties with Megan and swore if he didn’t, they were finished.” While sources close to Vanessa admit she’s not happy about Zac’s relationship with Megan, they insist she isn’t trying to keep the pair apart. “The stories that she’s banned Zac from seeing Megan are nonsense,” a source said. “She’s expressed concerns to Zac and I think she feels Megan is only flirting with Zac to annoy her. “We’ve told her there’s nothing to worry about. We think Megan fancies Zac but isn’t going to steal him.”

My dad is a sniper and my mom is the Vice President of a bank, so who the hell knows what kind of person love will lead into your heart. And if love happens to lead your dick into Megan Fox’s ass, then hey man, go for it. Don’t get me wrong, Vanessa Hudgens is a hot little piece, but let’s be honest here, Megan Fox could be fused to airplane wreckage and I’d still have to use those condoms that numb your penis.