Orlando Bloom is Smart, Kinda Dumb

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Although the POTC franchise has made over $2.6B worldwide, Orlando Bloom has turned down a chance to reprise his role of Will Turner in the upcoming fourth installment of the franchise. Why? He has a good reason. The Daily Mail reports:

Actor Orlando Bloom has ruled himself out of another episode of high-jinks on the high seas for successful film franchise Pirates Of The Caribbean. Primarily because the romantic star did not want to leave stunning girlfriend Miranda Kerr. A source told the New of the World: ‘Orlando loved the films but thinks it’s time to bow out because they tied up nicely for his character Will Turner. ‘The producers are OK with that because they want to concentrate on the new adventures of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow.’ It was recently reported that Bloom and Kerr had been looking at buying a $13 million Malibu home together. The couple looked so in love and so relaxed,’ a source told X17 Online. ‘They seem so happy together – a perfect match. You could see Miranda getting all dreamy-eyed when they looked at this house.

They seem so in love, you know, except for the part where he’s basically forcing her to marry him:

There are also rumours that the pair plan to wed, with Bloom having given his other half an ultimatum. She has already twice turned down his marriage proposals, but he plans to ask her again this summer. A source told the Mail on Sunday earlier this month: ‘He has told her he wants to marry her and will propose again this summer. If she says no, he’s said it will be over.’

So to reiterate, she says she in love with him, he’s asked her to marry him twice, she’s said no twice, so now he’s giving her an ultimatum. Yeah, that’ll work. There’s nothing a girl loves more than being forced to make a decision. That’s why I’ll probably never get married. Look, Marisa Miller, you’re hot and all, but what does everything have to be about you??

Miranda Kerr at the ESPYs. God. Damn.: