Katherine Heigl Is Grateful

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Although Grey’s Anatomy made her a star, Katherine Heigl has routinely showed herself to be an insufferable bitch by publicly blasting the show’s writers and taking a salary dispute to the media after she felt she should be paid more than the show’s star. Shonda Rhimes, the ever accommodating creator and executive producer of the show, allowed Heigl time to make Knocked Up (a movie she also blasted) only for Heigl to try to get out of her contract because she thought she was a movie star. But like a true professional, Rhimes didn’t bite and welcomed Heigl back with open arms. So when Heigl went on Letterman on Monday night, of course she would do nothing but show humility and gratitude for all the people that keep her fug ass famous, right? Yeah, not so much. MSN reports:

Katherine Heigl appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Monday night, where the actress described her first day back on the “Grey’s Anatomy” set as “cruel and mean.” “Our first day back was Wednesday, and it was — I’m going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them — a 17-hour day, which I think is cruel and mean,’ Katherine told Dave. The talk-show funnyman jokingly asked Katherine if she was given a lunch break during her 17-hour day, to which she joked back, saying: “Yes, we do get an hour lunch. That was nice. Thank God for that hour of lunch.”

I don’t know if she needs to date Chris Brown or what, but how many times does somebody have to spit in your face before you just realize it’s not worth it? An Eskimo or a wooden pelican could replace her on the show, but she’s happy to just complain to anyone who will listen about having to suffer the indignity of sitting in a makeup chair and an air conditioned, catered trailer all day. Wow, sorry you have to do your job, Katherine. I’m sure the crews on Alaskan King Crab boats or the guys who get trapped in coal mines can totally relate with your horrible work conditions. And by “totally relate” I mean “want to kick your fucking teeth in.”