Dina Lohan Is Delusional

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It’s pretty safe to say that Lindsay Lohan has never really had a mother. I mean, not in the MacDuff sense, but mostly because Dina Lohan would rather party than provide any maternal guidance and she would rather be an enabler and make a million excuses than be someone who would force Lindsay to be responsible for her actions. But seriously, are you fucking kidding me right now, bitch?

OK! Magazine reports:

If there’s one person that’s solidly in Lindsay Lohan’s corner these days, it’s her momager, Dina Lohan, who praises her daughter as a “genius” who just wants to be successful in her career and live happily with a family. Lindsay’s most recent foray into the entertainment business is the production company she just started, a venture Dina is all about. “She’s a genius. Such a good heart,” Dina told OK! at the Charlotte Russe 2009 Fall Launch in NYC, adding that Lindsay will also be heading behind the camera. “Lindsay will direct one day. She loves directing,” Dina revealed to OK!.

At only 23, Lindsay is already a washed up whore who pissed all her opportunities away with speedballs and semen, so I can imagine you’d have to flip a thousand pages to find “genius” on a list of words that describe Lindsay Lohan. This slut couldn’t direct traffic, yet her mom thinks she’ll be directing movies in a town where she couldn’t even get a role playing herself in a home movie. I’m sure directing cocks in your ass can get pretty technical, but I have a feeling a studio might not be as impressed with the footage as you might think.

Lindsay Lohan with a watergun. Um, okay, sure: