Ashlee Simpson Should Think This Through

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Never one to let good taste or reality get in the way of an idea, Joe Simpson is at it again. Page Six reports:

THAT Joe Simpson, never one to miss an opportunity, is trying to revive Ashlee Simpson’s record career by pitching a concept album on which Ashlee would record songs of Michael Jackson.

Ashlee Simpson’s voice sounds like a baby seal being electrocuted, so what better way to showcase her talents by covering the songs of one of the greatest singers of the last 50 years? Maybe next Joe Simpson can get the Bush’s Baked Beans dog to cover Sam Cooke or Big Mouth Billy Bass to cover Michael Crawford. He should back up the truck, because this is obviously going to be a money-making extravaganza.

Who else wants to crack Pete Wentz’s jaw? I can’t be the only one, right?: