Jamie Foxx Is A Dick

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Jamie Foxx is one of the most delusional and self-aggrandizing douchebags in Hollywood, and when he gets near a microphone there’s no telling what might happen. Oh, wait I know. The same thing that always happens. Page Six reports:

The actor, who recently ridiculed Miley Cyrus on his radio show, laid into Rihanna during a party at Tao in Las Vegas the other night. “Jamie took over the microphone and started doing a show. Halfway through, he asked Rihanna to join him onstage,” said our spy. She was there with Jay-Z and looked “annoyed” at the request, said our tipster. “Rihanna declined, but Foxx continued to badger her.” The deejay played “Umbrella” and “that was the last straw” for the Barbados-born beauty. “She got up to leave, and Jamie told the deejay to stop the record,” said our source. Foxx shouted, “You can’t go while your song is playing. Relax.” Our witness said, “Rihanna stayed and pretended to enjoy herself, but it was so obvious she was fuming. As soon as the song was over, she got the hell out of there.”

Rihanna probably flinches every time somebody screams her name now, so having Jamie Foxx not knowing when to stop probably didn’t help. Sorta like me on white girl ass.

This is pretty old, but just in case you forgot, here’s Jamie Foxx absolutely destroying comedian(?) Doug Williams at a roast for Emmitt Smith.: