Lindsay Will Not Be Charged

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Although she probably did it, Elle Magazine isn’t holding Lindsay Lohan responsible for the $500,000 in jewelry that disappeared during her London photoshoot on June 6th. Daily News reports:

“Elle has no reason to believe that Lindsay Lohan was in any way responsible and has no further comment to make.” The starlet herself is irate at having been blamed for the heist. “Lindsay thinks it’s a ridiculous story and is happy that Elle is standing behind her,” says a pal, “but she’s really sick of getting blamed for everything bad that happens.”

Lindsay Lohan has had two DUI’s, stolen a car with people inside and chased a woman down PCH, fled the scene of an accident with cocaine in the car, and stolen a model’s coat from a nightclub, but has never spent more than 24 hours in jail. If I was Lindsay Lohan, I’d like my chances with stealing half a million in jewelry. I’d probably feel the same about robbing a bank or bombing a daycare. Because, I’d be Lindsay Lohan after all. At worst I’d get sentenced to 40 pushes on a swingset. Wee!!