It’s Over Again.

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Wow, here’s a surprise. E! News reports:

After Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reconnected last month following their split in April, the couple has once again broken up. The duo broke things off again Monday night after a nasty argument. One major point of friction between the two was Sam’s friendship with Nicole Richie, who’s reportedly no fan of Lohan. “Nicole refuses even to be in the same room as Lindsay,” says a source, noting that just last week Nicole invited Sam to a mutual friend’s birthday party at Bar Marmont with the stipulation that she not bring Lindsay. “Sam went to the party, and it really upset Lindsay,” says the source. Sam’s rep declined to comment on her personal life, and Richie’s rep could not be reached for comment.

I’ve seen more functional relationships on an episode of COPS, so I’m having a hard time understanding why anybody would date Lindsay Lohan much less take her back. She’s a damn mess. That woman who drowned her kids in the tub would make a better girlfriend than Lindsay Lohan.