Heidi Montag Posed For Playboy

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In the least surprising (well, maybe not the least surprising), it has been confirmed that bolt-on attention whore Heidi Montag has posed for Playboy. I mean, what the hell else was she gonna do? People reports:

Details of her Playboy photos are, um, scant: “There is nudity. It’s tasteful – she had a lot of fun with it,” says a second source. A rep for the magazine had no comment, and Montag’s rep was not immediately available to respond to questions.

For Heidi’s sake, I really hope showing her tits and spreading her legs for the camera finally gives her the attention she so desperately craves. Also for her sake, I hope her tits look like orbs of God’s love and her vagina shoots out rainbows, because after this, that’s gonna be pretty much it. Mostly because the rest of her looks like something you’d have to euthanize after she broke her leg at the track.