Beyonce is Practical

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Rumors that Beyonce and her insane father are undercover out of control divas have been around for a while now, and when you hear stories like this, it doesn’t help. Beyonce was in London this week Madarin Oriental hotel in Hyde Park and she decided to go shopping at the famous Harvey Nichols department store. Being the huge star she is, it took two full vehicles full of bodyguards to drop her off at the store’s entrance. That seems reasonable right? Um, no. New York Daily News reports:

Harvey Nichols is located about 45 feet away from the singer’s hotel. Instead of walking across the street, Beyonce, 27, took two vehicles full of bodyguards and personal assistants to drive down the road and make a U-turn in order to be dropped off in front of the store. Sporting a jumpsuit, oversized sunglasses and Louis Vuitton heels, the singer was given a 20-minute guided tour around the department store. As for after the shopping excursion? The spectacle of cars took the same short route back to the hotel.

45 feet. 45 feet and she couldn’t condescend to walk because she had to block traffic so she could go buy things she doesn’t need. Fantastic. Maybe next time she can take Voltron or a triceratops with a diamond encrusted saddle to fully drive the point home that she’s out of touch with fucking reality.