Kim Kardashian Isn’t Engaged

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Yesterday, Kim Kardashian’s publicist, whose job it is to keep this whore’s name in the news, “mistakenly” told Star Magazine that Kim Kardashian was engaged to New Orleans Saints running back, Reggie Bush. Almost immediately, she took to her blog to deny the story. Oh, my! What controversy!

“I am not engaged!!! My new publicist was talking with Star Magazine earlier today and accidently referred to Reggie as my fiance so they posted the news on their website! There have been so many rumors flying around recently about Reggie and I being engaged that she assumed we were! So, sorry Star Magazine for ruining your exclusive! It’s totally my publicist’s fault haha. She said she gets so many wedding

requests she thought we were actually engaged. The rumors about me picking out my ring recently are also not true! I don’t know where all this comes from!! Don’t worry guys, you will be the first to know if and when I get engaged!!… Well after I tell my family, of course! .

Who knows if these two are engaged or not. I poured myself a drink and stepped out on my balcony to ponder it, but as it turns out, I don’t give a fuck.