Britney is a Damn Mess

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It really is hard to believe that Britney Spears has achieved fame and fortune despite being a complete hillbilly retard. Case in point:

BRITNEY Spears has cleaned up her act — but she’s still kind of a mess. The pop tart took time off from her “Circus” tour to do an Elle magazine shoot, our spy says, and it was a disaster. “They dressed her in all these beautiful couture clothes — and, well, let’s just say she forgot what time of the month it was. It wasn’t pretty.”

So, in case you missed that, Britney Spears forgot she was in the middle of having her period. Jesus. Really, Britney? Really? I don’t have a vagina, but if I did, I’m pretty I’d know if it was bleeding. Oh, and I’d also dress it up with a pink lacy thong. With rainbows or gumdrops on it! OMG gumdrops are so cute!!