Danielle Lloyd Got Beat Down

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Former Miss Great Britain and current racist, Danielle Lloyd, was savagely beaten by two women inside the West End’s Crystal Club last night sometime after she arrived with her boyfriend, Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Jamie O’Hara. Loyd reportedly was dragged outside where she bled on the pavement until an ambulance arrived and took her to a hospital where she required plastic surgery. But not the kind she normally gets. The Sun reports:

Cops arrested two women in their 20s for allegedly attacking her as she partied with £9,000-a-week Jamie, 22. The couple had been to a wedding before heading to the Crystal club in London’s West End — arriving hand-in-hand at 11pm. A witness said: “I think one kicked Danielle — it may have been an accident. She got up to demonstrate. “I saw her in a tangle with at least one other woman. Punches and slaps were being thrown. “Danielle came falling backward off the sofa and landed on a table. She cut her leg pretty badly. Jamie and some guy who may have been the other girl’s boyfriend were being held apart by bouncers who threw Jamie out.” As she lay on the pavement, Danielle was heard shrieking: “My leg, my leg.” She needed stitches to a “serious” back wound as well as cosmetic surgery on her limb.

Not to point out the obvious here, but when somebody gets their ass kicked this bad, they probably deserved it. On Celebrity Big Brother she was an instigating bully, so maybe she just walked into this club and said the wrong thing to the wrong person. People make the same mistake when they see me breakdancing.