Maxim’s Hot 100 List: Pretty Hot

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I’m with the Maxim Hot 100 List 2009 as far as their top pick: Olivia Wilde. Mmmm. How’d I love to lick those boots, and I’m not even a foot fetishist.

Beyond Wilde, the list gets a little wonky, but the hearts of the Maxim staff are in the right place. Though it looks like they brought one to many of the idiot editors of Blender over to the flagship mag when the latter bit the dust.

That’s right, I didn’t like the Blender editors. That’s the joke.

1. Olivia Wilde

2. Megan Fox

3. Bar Refaeli

4. Malin Akerman

5. Mila Kunis

6. Eliza Dusku

7. Adriana Lima

8. Rihanna

9. Jordana Brewster

10. Jennifer Love Hewitt

These are mostly SPOILER ALERTS, since the full list won’t be revealed until the mag hits newsstands this Wednesday.

You can see numbers 31-100 at the Maxim site HERE.