Courteney Cox is a Great Friend

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She was only ever considered A-list by association and she realistically should have faded into obscurity by now, but Jennifer Aniston has built a successful(?) career on the backs of legions of bitter and scorned women everywhere by taking every opportunity to tell anyone who will listen that Angelina Jolie broke into her house and stole Brad Pitt. By her side, Courteney Cox has been a loyal friend who has shunned Brad Pitt for what he did to Aniston. You know, except for last night. Page Six reports:

WITH friends like Courteney Cox, who needs enemies? Cox, who is supposedly best pals with her former “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston, was spotted chatting with Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt at a concert Sunday night. Cox was at the Wiltern Theater in LA with husband David Arquette for the final stop on rocker Chris Cornell’s Scream album tour when Pitt showed up. Our backstage spy told us, “Instead of ignoring him, Courteney chatted away with Brad all night. The three were in great spirits and seemed really happy to see each other.”

Courteney Cox is apparently the only one who can tolerate Aniston’s annoying ass for more than five minutes at a time, so this can’t turn out well. If Aniston reads this, she’ll put Tori Amos on her iPod and the garden hose in her tailpipe. But if it comes to that, jumping into a polar bear enclosure works pretty good too. Operators will be standing by to talk your calls, so come back next week for more IDLYITW suicide tips!

Cox on the set of Cougar Town: