Run Britney!!

Who in the hell knows why anybody would, but a Connecticut man was arrested after he jumped on stage and ran towards Britney Spears during her concert at Mohegan Sun Arena last night. Parents listed cause of death: embarrassment. TMZ reports:

Connecticut State Police say they arrested 20-year-old Kyle King — who they say had definitely been drinking — after he charged on stage during Britney’s encore performance of “Womanizer.” Security was able to stop King before he could come in contact with Spears — and he was arrested for breach of peace. The CSP says after King was taken into custody, he was being highly uncooperative — so they also booked him for interfering with police.

Oh, please. This fairy wasn’t trying to hurt Britney. He ran up on stage like a four year old girl with a bee in her hair. Then he started dancing. So, let’s not pretend her life was in danger. At worst, Britney was gonna get the perfect recipe for a Cosmopolitan or a CD of a German DJ’s dance remixes of Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson songs.