Revlon’s 12th Annual Run/Walk Forms Jessica Nexus

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I feared this day would come: Both Jessica’s being in the same place again.

Though look at that guy behind Biel, I bet he made great time staring at her ass while letting her draft him by taking the lead.

Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba were both on hand in New York for the EIF Revlon Annual Run/Walk for Women. And when they say “For Women” they mean “for woman’s cancers.”

The Prostate Cancer Annual beer chug/masturbation marathon will be coming up in about a week and a half, and I plan to raise money in the MM’s Speed and Quantity categories.

When Alba and Biel are in the same place, I keep wishing that Biel had Alba’s head and absolutely no personality. Like some sort of sex mannequin. Because I’ve been covering these two and their hot bodies for long enough to know that only one of them can do something that resembles “acting” and they both are kinda catty when they get tired.