Audrina Patridge Is A Crappy Actress Even With Links And Bikini

This clip of horrid Audrina is from Into The Blue 2, which I will now not watch. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Either my memory really sucks, or Meg Ryan‘s face has been cut off and put back on totally wrong. [LaineyGossip]

Want some Abbey Clancy nipple slip pics? I bet you do! [Egotastic]

Jennifer Aniston is still in NYC hanging off of Jason Bateman. For the Baster. Though she might also be stalking John Mayer. [ICYDK]

Two Britain’s Got Talent related NSFW pics. Ulrika Jonsson’s boob job exposed and…shudder…Susan Boyle’s hard nipples. NSFW…or Life. [TaxiDriverMovie]

Awwww, the two kids from Slumdog Millionaire are dating in real life. Next stop: teenage pregnancy. [JustJared]

Emma Watson wants to be nerd just like me! And she dates attractive London me just like….ahhhhh! You almost got me. But I only date ugly Brits. [ImNotObsessed]