A Kirsten and A Kristen At The Rescue

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The Rescue? Isn’t this was Pete Wentz was going all gay for John Mayer with last weekend?

If it was, no need to remember as neither of them were at this particular event.

Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen, Benjamin Mckenzie, Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Lucas,Walter Perez and Tom Arnold attend Invisible Children’s ‘The Rescue’ Rally at Santa Monica City Hall yesterday. And if you want to know what went down or why the event happened, you have to head over to TheRescue.InvisibleChildren.com where a 7 page PDF is all that stands between you and knowing what the hell this benefit was for.

Since I know how much y’all hate reading, I took the time to do it for you. I’ll also chew your food, but only if your attractive, female and also named Kristen Bell.

Anyway, there is a war in Uganda and the Lords Resistance Army is kidnapping children to be in said army. The Rescue is a plan to arrest the LRA leader and free the child soldiers. The protest/event itself involved “kidnapping” yourself by leaving behind a picture, hiking to a second “camp” and waiting to be “rescued.” A successful “rescue” could only be accomplished by having a media outlet there and an approved “Rescuer” who need to be a public figure like a congressman or Kirsten Dunst, apparently.

Does it seem weird that a congressman and Tom Arnold are on the same level, protest-wise? I mean, it makes being a congressman seem much less prestigious