J.Love Had A Nip Slip On Ghost Whisperer?

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Ok. I’m not sure people are seeing in these photos what they think they’re seeing. Sure, a Jennifer Love Hewitt nip slip would be pretty sweet, and a J.Love nip slip on her broadcast network television show would be akin to Jennifer doing a full on Janet Jackson.

I’m just not sure it’s not something else.

In order for these photos to be nip-slips, Love’s areolas would have to be large, puffy and pale. Which would make sense, given what we know about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts from this possibly fake photo that nevertheless corroborates the large areola theory:

Now, in this series of screen caps from J.Love’s Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Episode 20, the rumor currently being discussed is that Hewitt’s left nipple can be seen coming up over her bra.

I’m not gonna put the lips on any of these, because I’m not sure they are there. But I will say this to cover my ass with my sponsors: POSSIBLY NSFW-NESS IF YOU CLICK A THUMBNAIL.

I think it could be a shadow. Or maybe really her nipple and I’m just being an idiot like I usually am.