Jessica McSaddy-Alba Gets Pulled Over

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Jessica Alba was out shopping yesterday in Santa Monica where the paparazzi were all over her ass, as if we needed more pictures of Jessica Alba doing mundane things while looking completely miserable.

Damn, woman, you look sad even when nothing sad is happening to you. You have a kid and a husband and a career all because you’re pretty, why not flash us a smile more often?

Anyway, Alba got in her Hybrid SUV and drove down an alleyway only to have a run in with the Santa Monica Police…for driving the wrong way down and alley.

There is nothing about this story that isn’t lame. Jessica Alba is lame and motorcycle cops who have nothing better to do then bust people for going the wrong way down an alley is lame. Even the paparazzi who most certainly swarmed the cop and the Hybrid in the alleyway, probably causing more of a problem then going down it the wrong way, are lame.

Just lame.

Alba was let go without a ticket.