Links By Jessica Biel’s Awesome Booty

Partially back-lit Jessica Biel booty as she trains to be a stripper for Powder Blue? It gets the kick ass booty award for the week. I want to type it one more time: booty. [BadandUgly]

Awww. Is Wob Pattwinson too famows foe wuv? Boo hoo. [ImNotObsessed]

A Shrek-themed wedding is not flattering nor desirable. But at least now you know. [BWE]

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt took green screen promo photos for “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here” yesterday and I’m guessing you could use those shots to make your own horrible Heidi/Spencer internet memes. Please send them to us if you do. [JustJared]

Katherine Heigl and her mom got stuck in traffic due to road closures for the Depeche Mode concert in Hollywood. Her own…per-sonal…cri-sis… [ICKYDK]

Abigail Clancy shows us what a nip slip is supposed to look like. Site NSFW. [TaxiDriverMovie]

Salma Hayek is having a wedding party this weekend and her ex, Ed Norton, showed up. What a sport. [LaineyGossip]