Touch My Were-Links, No Homo.

Hey ladies (or – you know – whomever)! Check out the shirtless Wolf Pack from New Moon, the Twilight sequel. I’m never gonna hear the end of linking this for you, so you should totally click it. [USAToday]

Fake drama of the week? Brad moving out on Angelina Jolie. [ICYDK]

Mia Farrow is going on a hunger strike, which I would have cared about…oh…20 years ago? [ImNotObsessed]

Aubrey O’Day upskirts are still kind of thrilling even though I wouldn’t touch Aubrey without disinfecting her. Site NSFW [TaxiDriverMovie]

That is Gavin Rossdale hanging out with a dude in a dress right? I really can’t tell which on is the man. Wait, both?!?! [BWE]

I want this BBQ & Foot Massage place to be real. [CityRag]

Can we pause a moment to look at Rihanna‘s ass and just not mention Chris whatshisface for a moment? Thank you. [Egotastic]

Chelsea Handler and Jenny McCarthy make fun of Paris Hilton totally unironically. [LaineyGossip]