Brit Stalker: “It Was A Joke”

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Miranda Tozier-Robbins, above, who was arrested for peeping into Britney Sears’ house windows with a video camera is now claiming that the whole thing was a joke. Ha ha. Did you hear how sincere that was? ‘Cause it was sincere.

The 26-year old to Access Hollywood:“The whole thing — it was all a joke in the beginning, everybody knew about it…It was supposed to be like a ‘Paparazzi 101’ documentary type deal.”

“What originally was supposed to happen was, I was going to tape whatever I could get. I would be like, far away doing a stakeout,” Tozier-Robbins told host Billy Bush. “It didn’t work out as planned, so when I was already halfway there in the mountains [around Britney’s home], it was already Wednesday night/Thursday morning … I already knew Britney herself wouldn’t be there, but it’s like, I came that far, I might as well go see the house, at least get the house on tape, because I know people would be interested in seeing stuff like that.”

“Yeah, sure. That would be a fair term to use. Tracking, stalking, whatever, for a couple weeks long,” she said. “It wasn’t really stalking her, it was more plotting out how to get to her house.”

Yes. That is still stalking. Otherwise, I’d be spending each weekend in Clooney’s house while the guy was out…promoting things.

Here are some pictures of Britney on her Circus tour, but they are only the ones with dancer Chase Benz, who she is rumored to be dating, or making out with occasionally, at least.