Dina Lohan is Brilliant

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Apparently just having left reality in her DeLoreon, Dina Lohan told ET that is was her idea for Lindsay Lohan to do the Funny or Die video. Anybody want to take a guess on the reasons why? ET reports:

“The hype is ridiculous so we decided to kind of make fun of it,” Dina tells ET about the Funny or Die video starring Lindsay. “I said ‘Lindsay let’s just do funnyordie.com and just kind of make fun of it all.’ It’s really gotten out of hand, the rumors and everything that they’re saying about myself and my children.”

Well, so much for that. I was on board with Lindsay because I thought she could laugh at herself, but this dumb bitch really believes she’s making fun of all the “rumors”. Not to be Mr. Smartypants here, but you can’t really call something a rumor if, you know, it actually happened. For instance, like I could never say I didn’t get Halle Berry pregnant or I didn’t go back in time once and kick Bruce Lee’s ass. These are all well documented facts, man. If I did that, my words would be hollow and filled with nothing. Then would I be this bastion of hard-hitting investigative journalism that you see today? No, my friends. The answer is no.