Tick Tock

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Although Lindsay Lohan has repeatedly said that she and Samantha Ronson are just “taking a break”, friends and family of Ronson are hoping it’s for good. And as expected, Lindsay has started her free fall descent into madness and showing her vagina for money. New York Post says:

Adding to the drama, according to one source, is the fact that “Lindsay is on hiatus with her publicist because she’s not working or booking jobs.” The friend said, “She is completely unmanageable. It has never been possible to control her or advise her. Lindsay needs to get psychiatric help. “Her friends are really sad for her, but she’s out of control, and now she’s all alone.”..And Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan, who is with her daughter now in LA, also gets some blame. A pal of Lindsay said, “Dina is begging Lindsay’s friends to go there and help her. All of Lindsay’s life, Dina never acted like a role model. She only ever wanted to be her friend. Lindsay keeps getting used, and she never stood a chance at happiness.”

Wow, I would kinda feel bad for this chick if it wasn’t for the fact that she brought every bit of this on herself. She pissed her career away on coke and cock and now she has finally pushed away the only person that’s seemingly ever truly loved her. Instead of going to a psychiatrist, maybe Lindsay should shoot herself out of a cannon and into a volcano. I get the feeling that won’t take as long.

Lindsay’s gone back to her natural color. It’ll look really good on the cover of her new movie: