Britney Spears Doesn’t Want You To Smoke Weed

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Britney Spears stopped her concert in Vancouver last night after just three songs because of the excessive cigarette and marijuana smoke in the advertised “smoke-free” GM Palace. She returned 45 minutes later. People reports:

Cigarette smoke from the crowd was blamed, with a female voice announcing to the crowd, “The building is awfully smoky. It is uncomfortable for everyone on stage, including Ms. Spears. Please extinguish all cigarettes – this is a non-smoking building, and the show will resume when the smoke on the stage is cleared,” the Vancouver Sun reports….When she did return, Spears, 27, delivered a well-received Bollywood take on “Me Against the Music,” followed by “Everytime” – during which she asked the crowd “What’s up, Vancouver?” before she again left the stage, some 90 seconds before the end of the song. The concert concluded with Spears singing “Womanizer” and advising the still-restless crowd, “Vancouver, don’t smoke weed.” Her sign-off was also peppered with a couple of X-rated expletives and a warning to “drive safe.”

The “X-rated expletives” that Britney used (as you can hear in the video) were “…don’t smoke weed and rock out with your cock out. Peace out mother fuckers!” But please keep in mind that there are about a billion pictures of Britney Spears on this site and in about half of them she’s smoking, so good luck trying to get me to listen to whatever Britney has to say about the dangers of smoking. If you took an X-ray of her lungs they’d probably look like a baby seal trapped in an oil spill.