Jessica Simpson Got Dropped From Her Label

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The Academy of Country Music Awards were Sunday night and not surprisingly, Jessica Simpson wasn’t nominated for anything. That’s what happens when you suck. You know what else happens when you suck? OK! Magazine reports:

Have all those forgotten lyrics and hostile crowds finally caught up with Jessica Simpson? A country music gossip site says that rumors are swirling that the pop-star-turned-country-singer has been dropped like a rock by her label, Columbia Nashville. When OK! called Columbia Nashville, the label which released Jess’s country album, a telephone operator told us that Jessica Simpson has now “come off the label.” We’re awaiting further comment. An official spokesperson for the label declined to comment.

I really don’t know what I did to deserve this, but today just keeps getting better and better. First Lindsay, now Jessica. The only thing that’s missing now is Paris Hilton being sentenced to a Mars prison colony and Britney Spears getting torn apart by cannibals.