Dead Poology

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Uh oh, Lindsay has found out about the restraining order. TMZ reports:

Well connected sources tell TMZ Lindsay Lohan is “devastated” after learning members of Sam Ronson’s family are taking steps towards getting a restraining order against LiLo. After Us Weekly broke the story that Sam’s mother and sister went to a Beverly Hills police station yesterday asking questions about the restraining order process, sources tell TMZ Lindsay has been an emotional wreck — crying uncontrollably. We’re also told Sam has cut off all communication with Lohan — and that Lindsay isn’t handling it well. In fact, we’re told people close to Lindsay are worried she “might lash out.”

Well, set your watch. It’s only a matter of time now. Lindsay Lohan officially has no career, no home, and no one to support her. If in six months Lindsay Lohan isn’t filming the final gangbang scene of Ginger Snaps: Anal Invasion in a warehouse full of naked guys in executioner masks, I’m buying everybody pizza! Everybody loves pizza!