Jennifer Aniston Is The Master Baster

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Jennifer Aniston is also filming a movie. She’s in New York, running afoul in our subway system with some sort of bandage on her hand, waving to people and probably trying her best to avoid John Mayer questions.

She’s shooting a romantic comedy called The Baster with Jason Bateman. Jason plays Wally and Jen plays Kassie. Wally learns that Kassie plans to become pregnant through artificial insemination, he replaces the donor’s semen with his own and must live with the secret that he is the father of her child.

So, yes, “The Baster” might actually be referring to a turkey baster full of semen. Which, admit it, was what you were thinking about in the first place.

Or, I’d also accept a turkey baster full of booze, so you could get drunk up the ass like the Mayans.